Commercial and contract law

Our advice is very comprehensive in commercial law: we are your reliable partner for everything from the founding and acquisition or sale of businesses and investments, to the compilation of General Terms & Conditions and a company structure, to advice and conducting cases, to general civil court matters ? so get in touch!

We also process your domestic and foreign debt collection, including domestic and cross-border enforcement.

The creation of contracts is a central component of our extrajudicial support. The content of a contract is negotiated by the parties. We explain your possible courses of action to you and help you to successfully reach an optimal agreement with the other party on the basis of strategy and skill in negotiation. The subject of the contract will of course be represented clearly and unambiguously. Our experience makes us aware of possible problematic consequences before the formation of the contract. Building on this, we put into concrete terms the contractual duties of all parties using regulations that are in line with legal requirements.

Your legal rights are what we work for! Arrange a consultation appointment: office(at)