Inheritance law/probate

Bequeathing and inheritance are more than just legal matters. We deal with the associated emotions and familial sensitivities empathetically and competently - in the interests of our clients.  A will or a contract of inheritance ensures that the final intentions of the bequeather are implemented. Benefit from our many years of experience in the formation of wills and contracts of inheritance. We advise you in details on inheritance tax (which will perhaps soon be reintroduced), so that your will does not become a fiscal catastrophe for your inheritors. We ensure that your orders in the will or contract of inheritance are implemented by the inheritors.

In the event of inheritance, we support inheritors in handling the formalities. As experts in inheritance law, and the associated tax questions, we clarify whether an assumption or renouncement of the inheritance makes economic sense, and which debts the inheritors are liable for.

Do you want to distribute your inheritance to your children or other heirs as a gift whilst you are still alive?  We will clarify your legal portions, inheritance tax (which is perhaps soon to be reintroduced) and coverage and ensure that you make no errors in the anticipated devolution upon death.

If there is no will, this legal devolution upon death comes into effect. Hereditary law distinguishes legal inheritances in various ways, including by its degree of kinship. For each individual case, we check who is entitled to inheritance and how large the inheritance share for each inheritor is.

Have you been disinherited? This does not necessarily mean that you miss out. We help you to your legal portion and offer effective advice on, among other things, increasing your legal portion due to endowment and its implementation.

If you, as an inheritor, suspect that your inheritance consists of debts or illegal income, you should consult with a lawyer as a matter of urgency. We clarify matters regarding conditional and unconditional proposal for acceptances, and the function of an inventory, or, in extreme cases, will advise you to renounce the inheritance.

We represent our clients in handling estate procedures, are beneficial in disputes regarding inheritance and prevent the arbitrary divestiture of the inheritance.

Conflict often rages in communities of heirs. We support inheritors in the application of their rights. We are also able to offer mediation for conflict resolution. We successfully act as an agent between inheritors and organise the administration and division of an estate. 

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