Insolvency and financial restructuring law/debt collection

Insolvency law is one of Dr. Leon's core competencies. We represent businesses as debtors and creditors - both in the preliminary hearing and in the on-going insolvency procedure.

In the event of pending insolvency, we offer businesses our restructuring and advice for when parties are close to insolvency, the goal of which is preventing a crisis situation. With a wealth of specialist commercial knowledge, we will be of use to you in compiling a plan for finance, payment and financial restructuring. Competent legal advice, gained at an early stage, can mean that impending failure in the event of insolvency instead becomes an opportunity to create a new basis for your business.

The service we offer in the event of representing the creditor side is securities management. Creditors, in particular banks, credit insurers and suppliers, are therefore able to effectively protect their securities before and during insolvency.

Debt collection

Often, a customers' unwillingness to pay is behind a business's illiquidity. This can itself quickly become an existential problem for businesses that are working to capacity. Make use of our effective debt claim management in good time! We develop the appropriate management for your debt collection. We systematically get to the bottom of all the legal possibilities for collection. Whether demand bills, collection procedures or adversary proceedings - we review the chances of success in each individual case, avoid excess execution costs and recommend the best strategy in each instance.

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