Property law

We offer you advice in all issues relating to property law and build all the necessary contracts on a legally secure, target-oriented basis. From purchase agreements to condominium contracts to entry into the land register, from agreements such as the concession of right to abode, usufruct, rights of way, option rights etc., up to any possible administrative procedures, and handling escrow, we are your reliable partner.

Benefit from our experience when acquiring your real estate! Choosing both the raiser of the contract and the escrow holder are among the earliest decisions you need to make. The acquisition agreement fixes the individual details concerning the acquisition of a property. We collect all the necessary regulatory approvals for you. We advise you in depth on property profits tax and land transfer tax and issue the necessary notifications for you promptly. And, last but not least, we submit the land register request with the court for you and check that it is entered into the land register.

Your legal rights are what we work for! Arrange a consultation appointment: office(at)