Commercial & contract law

We offer comprehensive advice in commercial law: from the establishment and purchase or sale of companies and shareholdings to the drafting of general terms and conditions and the structuring of companies to advice and litigation in general civil matters, we are your reliable partner: contact us! The drafting of contracts is a central component of our out-of-court services. We show you your options for action and negotiate an agreement that is optimal for you.  

Corporation law

We advise and accompany you in the choice of legal form and all steps in the formation of a company. Advising managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and shareholders is one of our services. We take time for your interests and attach importance to holistic solutions. Are you a shareholder or would you like to join a company? You’re also to advise in respect of the sale, liquidation or resolution of a company.

Property law

From the purchase contract to condominium agreements to registration in the land register, from agreements such as the granting of residential rights, usufructuary rights, rights of way, pre-emptive rights, etc. to any necessary administrative procedures and trustee processing, we are your reliable partner. Take advantage of our experience when acquiring your property! One of your first decisions is the choice of the contracting agent and trustee. We will obtain all the necessary official approvals for you. We advise you in detail on real estate income tax, land transfer tax and registration fees and carry out the necessary registrations for you via FinanzOnline. 


Mediation is a conflict resolution process based on voluntariness and relies on cooperation instead of confrontation, consensus instead of compromise - without going to court. The prerequisite is the willingness to be open and the will to work out a joint solution. You and your counterpart will decide.

Inheritance Law / Probate

Inheritance and testaments are more than legal matters. We deal with the associated emotions and internal family sensitivities sensitively and competently. We advise you on details of inheritance tax (which may soon be reintroduced) so that your will does not become a tax disaster for your heirs. We ensure that your instructions in the will or inheritance contract are implemented by the heirs. In the event of an inheritance, we support heirs in dealing with formalities.We advise you whether accepting an inheritance makes economic sense and for which debts the heirs are liable. Do you want to distribute your inheritance to your children or other heirs during your lifetime? We will inform you about compulsory portions, gift tax (which may soon be reintroduced) and a safeguard for yourself and ensure that an anticipated succession is not disadvantageous for you. We inform you about conditional and unconditional declarations of acceptance of inheritance, about the function of an inventory or, in extreme cases, advise you to disclaim the inheritance. 


Insolvency & Restructuring Law

We represent companies as debtors and creditors alike - both in the opening proceedings and in the ongoing insolvency proceedings. Expert and early legal advice in the event of insolvency can turn the threat of failure into an opportunity to give your company a new basis. 

Debt recovery

Behind the insolvency of companies is often the poor payment behaviour of customers. This can quickly become an existential problem even for companies operating at full capacity. We pursue your claims at home and abroad, including domestic and cross-border enforcement. This is how you get your money quickly.